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On this page you can follow our fishing trips and knowledges from it. If you want to add your photos and stories send us an email and we will post it.

Autumn on a small lake

29.09.2018, David Havlíček

kicker_l_candat_2-300x200-1.jpg kicker_l_candat_1-300x200-1.jpg kicker_l_okoun_11-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_xl_stika_44-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_xl_stika_45-300x200-1.jpg

Catfishing from kayak Halibut

20.09.2018, David Havlíček

kajak_141-300x200-1.jpg kajak_146-300x200-1.jpg kajak_143-300x200-1.jpg kajak_145-300x200-1.jpg kajak_147-300x200-1.jpg

Rainy Zander

03.09.2018, David Havlíček

Rainy weather and nice zander!

magneto_candat_91-300x200-1.jpg magneto_candat_90-300x200-1.jpg magneto_candat_92-300x200-1.jpg

Weather change produce results

02.09.2018, Tonda

Weather change had the positive impact on zanders mood. Colder weather and 20g head brings strikes from better fish which are aggressive in this conditions.

magneto_candat_88-300x200-1.jpg magneto_candat_89-300x200-1.jpg

RedBass KICKER is sick!

19.08.2018, David Havlíček

New lure (will be available from half of the September ) especially designed for zanders and big perches also works on pikes. “Stop and go” technique with hitting a bottom is great for this lure. It has super action even in slow move. The pike hit it when I tried to chase big perches. Luckily she took it gently and didn’t damage the thin fluorocarbon leader. 

kicker_l_stika_11-300x200-1.jpg kicker_l_stika_10-300x200-1.jpg kicker_l_stika_13-300x200-1.jpg kicker_l_stika_14-300x200-1.jpg kicker_l_stika_15-300x200-1.jpg