Fishinig news

On this page you can follow our fishing trips and knowledges from it. If you want to add your photos and stories send us an email and we will post it.

Season start

18.06.2019, David Havlíček

magneto_candat_95-300x200-1.jpg magneto_kapr_5-300x200-1.jpg magneto_okoun_86-300x200-1.jpg magneto_okoun_87-300x200-1.jpg magneto_okoun_88-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_l_candat_42-300x200-1.jpg

Trout season is running

12.05.2019, David Havlíček

nymfa_s_potocak_126-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_s_duhak_71-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_s_potocak_125-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_s_tloust_7-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_s_tloust_8-300x200-1.jpg planda_kenny_potocak_1-300x200-1.jpg tristan_sm_potocak-300x200-1.jpg magneto_duhak_6-300x200-1.jpg

Start of Trout Season 2019

18.04.2019, David Havlíček

Some pictures from awesome fishing on big "D" day - start of Trout Season 2019. Best lure was traditional Nymph RedBass :-)

nymfa_s_duhak_44-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_s_duhak_62-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_s_duhak_55-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_s_potocak_120-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_s_duhak_59-300x200-1.jpg promo_77-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_s_duhak_56-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_s_potocak_121-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_s_potocak_124-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_s_potocak_123-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_s_duhak_46-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_s_duhak_50-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_s_duhak_53-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_s_duhak_64-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_s_duhak_66-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_s_duhak_68-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_s_tloust_6-300x200-1.jpg planda_kenny_duhak_3-300x200-1.jpg planda_kenny_duhak_6-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_s_duhak_69-300x200-1.jpg

Rainbow trout 72 cm

08.04.2019, David Havlíček

My brother's personal best catched on a fishing competition.

planda_buggy_duhak_2-300x200-1.jpg planda_buggy_duhak_3-300x200-1.jpg

Sea trouts in Danemark

18.03.2019, David Havlíček

Denmark was a premiere for me. One of a traditional way how to catch a seatrout is with a stripper spoons but I don’t like it. I wanted to find my own way with RedBass nymph in size L and cheburashka StandUP which gives to the lure sneaky moves (little bit like spoon) and also with this combination is possible to fish closer to the surface. I believed that this combination should works theoretical but in practise it works even better that traditional ways. Maybe this will not works always but I am 100 % sure that I will fish this way in future. I used 2,5 g and 4 g cheburashka (along the wind I can cast something about 60 m) hook size 2 and the best nymph colour was brown/silver.

nymfa_l_morak_5-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_l_morak_11-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_l_morak_1-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_l_morak_2-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_l_morak_7-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_l_morak_9-300x200-1.jpg