Fishinig news

On this page you can follow our fishing trips and knowledges from it. If you want to add your photos and stories send us an email and we will post it.

Fry time - small lures rock!

22.07.2018, David Havlíček

Perch and zander were my goal for that day. I caught only few small zanders so I decided to catch a pike. Nothing happened so I took back my softer rod a tried zander again. First cast and I got a pike. 90 cm long beauty. It’s fry time and fish prefer smaller lures. 

magneto_stika_35-300x200-1.jpg magneto_stika_34-300x200-1.jpg magneto_stika_40-300x200-1.jpg magneto_candat_86-300x200-1.jpg magneto_stika_41-300x200-1.jpg magneto_stika_36-300x200-1.jpg magneto_stika_37-300x200-1.jpg magneto_stika_38-300x200-1.jpg magneto_stika_39-300x200-1.jpg

Morning with perch

15.07.2018, David Havlíček

Fish are experienced at this place bude nymph and standup cheburashka do the trick for me.

nymfa_l_okoun_127-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_l_okoun_128-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_l_okoun_129-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_l_okoun_126-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_l_okoun_124-300x200-1.jpg

Summer vertical fishing

10.07.2018, David Havlíček

Water is too warm but sometimes you get a bite.

nymfa_xl_candat_134-300x200-1.jpg nymfa_xl_candat_136-300x200-1.jpg

New Pike PB

04.07.2018, David Havlíček

That day I had to go to „Boršov“. Woke up earlier so I had enough time to fish. Activity was really low so I decided to use a smaller lure and maybe catch a perch. First cast with pink lure and strike! Long story short I caught my new pike PB! 105 cm long and super fat.

magneto_stika_33-300x200-1.jpg magneto_stika_30-300x200-1.jpg magneto_stika_31-300x200-1.jpg magneto_stika_27-300x200-1.jpg magneto_stika_32-300x200-1.jpg magneto_stika_28-300x200-1.jpg magneto_stika_29-300x200-1.jpg

Born under a lucky star

27.06.2018, David Havlíček

We were born under the lucky star! Well that day my brother was. In a rainy day he caught a really nice and fat pike. Almost 80 cm long!

magneto_stika_26-300x200-1.jpg magneto_stika_25-300x200-1.jpg magneto_stika_23-300x200-1.jpg magneto_stika_22-300x200-1.jpg magneto_stika_21-300x200-1.jpg magneto_stika_20-300x200-1.jpg